School Services

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School Services

We have experience providing speech pathology services to preschools, long day cares, primary and high schools.

We can adapt a school based program to meet the needs of your setting, students and teachers.

Students can be seen individually, in pairs or in small groups.

When working in the school setting we ensure that practical strategies are shared with the student’s teachers and family.

This supports the student to have the most varied and consistent practice to achieve their goals.

We offer a range of school services that can be delivered during the visits to your preschool/school, including:

  • Screening assessments in the areas of; speech, language and phonological awareness,
  • Formal assessments
  • Provision of summary and detailed reports
  • Therapy – individual, pair and small groups
  • Reviews/program updates
  • Provision of programming strategies and practical activities that can be easily implemented in the classroom
  • Contribution to meetings including IEP and transition to school meetings
  • Team teaching opportunities, mentoring and coaching of teachers to upskill in the areas of speech and language
  • Parent meetings, workshops and home programs

Team Training

We also offer team training and mentoring services as part of our school services.

One of our team will work closely with the educator or teacher to explore ways speech and language strategies can be implemented in the classroom setting to meet the needs of all the children in the room.

This training model uses both modelling in the classroom setting, one-on-one reflection and training sessions with the educator or teacher. 


We can also provide training and workshops to teachers, SLSO staff and families.

Early Childhood Topics

  • Early speech and language development – and when to refer to Speech Pathology.
  • Building language rich environments to support all children in their communication development.
  • How to best support late talkers and encourage early communication skills.
  • How to make reading fun and engaging!  The importance of shared story time experiences.
  • Using visuals to support the routines in your room.
  • Blank’s Levels of Questioning – knowing what to ask and when!
  • Key Word Signing for the day care/preschool setting
  • Language and Behaviour
  • Voice care for teachers

School Topics

  • Articulation and strategies to improve speech in the classroom setting
  • Receptive and Expressive language development and strategies for the classroom setting
  • Blank’s Levels of Questioning – knowing what to ask and when!
  • Phonemic Awareness and early literacy skills
  • Using visuals to support the routines in your classroom.
  • Voice care for teachers

Please contact us for pricing options related to Early Childhood and School based programs.


We are bound by Speech Pathology Australia’s Code of Ethics


We are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme